Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome to the new blog

After being on blogger for a year I've noticed that there is a lack of blogs concerning Korean baseball, a largely untapped baseball resource. As a military brat I lived all over the world, but one of my favorite places I spent time living was South Korea. Although not nearly as large of a support network as Japan; the popularity of baseball in South Korea is continuing to expand especially with the emergence of Choo Shin-soo. 
I have high hopes for this blog, but I know I'm taking a huge gamble since many people just aren't interested in the KBA. I'm hoping to change that. Overall this new project will allow me to practice translating Hangul, work on my writing skills, and help me neglect my other blog norelicspulled. While living overseas I ate an enormous amount of kimchi; which is where the blog name originates from. I was originally going to call the blog Too Much Soju, but I figured not many people know what soju is (it's a rice liquor unregulated by the government).
As of right now I will attempt to update weekly, and if the popularity is there maybe bi-weekly. I'll do a run down of the teams, perhaps the league corruption(details emerging now), and player profiles on who I think might have a shot of doing well in the MLB. It's honestly surprising there aren't more Korean baseball players in the MLB given their strong showing in the WBC. 
(The plain blog layout will be changed once I get home. I'm currently on my work computer.)